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Craft beer requires special handling and our business is about protecting the quality of craft beer and the integrity of the brand in a foreign country. Sete is a craft beer exporting company. We are passionate about Canadian craft beer and 100% committed to providing suppliers, retailers, and consumers with the highest level of service ensuring adventurous craft beer drinkers get to taste something of what Ontario, to start with, has to offer.

Our mission is to help craft breweries export their premium, artisan craft beers and ciders.



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We understand that Ontario breweries have unique and quality produce but are beholden to complex distribution regulations. Licensing fees, audits and excise taxes on production also compound the total costs breweries incur on a regular basis.

One reason to export, of course, is to improve your potential for expansion, entering the international arena can protect you against the risk of decline in domestic markets and, most important, significantly improve your overall growth; extending the sales life of existing products by embracing new markets to sell them in.

Sete is taking care of:


  • Identify international markets.
  • Establish and maintain your brand.
  • Evaluate and select methods of distribution.
  • Conduct Price Analysis.
  • Presence on Social Media to promote product.


  • Labeling and packaging requirements.
  • Customs Documentation.
  • Export declaration + management.


  • Brewery Pickup.
  • Warehouse Consolidation.
  • Ocean Freight.
  • Insurance.


Hops in nature

Ontario is home to a number of different farmers who offer craft brewers a wide selection of fresh, locally-grown ingredients to choose from, including local hops, spring water and a variety of other harvest fruits, vegetables, spices and natural ingredients. Ontario is now home to well-over 200 craft breweries, representing each of the provinces’ nano breweries, craft breweries, contract brewers and brew pubs, currently in operation or in the launching stages.

The key ingredients required to brew craft beer are: top quality malting barley, the purest water, special yeasts, hops and and natural flavouring to give the beer special character.


Collective Arts Cans

Consumers have also taken to canned beer over the past five years. Although beer packaged in cans may once have been perceived as being exclusively light, subpremium and bottom-shelf in terms of quality, canned alternatives of many premium craft beers have entered the market in recent years. Because canned beer is more cost-effective for producers to manufacture, they can pass along some of the cost savings to consumers. Aluminum cans have given consumers far greater exposure to higher-priced brands without any negative consequences to flavor. In fact, craft beer producers regard aluminum containers as a much better packaging material than glass. Although dark amber glass bottles significantly reduce the likelihood of UV light exposure and the potential “skunking” effects it can have on beers, aluminum cans block virtually all possibility of the product’s taste being compromised due to UV exposure.

Many breweries have also used aluminum cans as an opportunity to create elaborate product labels and designs, since cans provide greater surface area for printed labels than traditional glass bottles.


We work with brewers, distributors, retailers and the public to improve the marketplace for Craft Beer in Europe.

  • Brewery Tanks
  • Shipping container


SETE will help maintain and preserve the quality of the beer along the distribution chain delivering consistently the best beer possible to the benefit of everyone.

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Beer quality is measured by a complex set of sensory characteristics that include appearance, aroma, taste and texture. These indicators of beer quality build a sensory profile specific to a brand, and are what craft beer consumers come to enjoy.

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